Every day is another day to be a Man!

The Manly Things - about me

After completion of my high school at Notre Dame International High School, I moved to New York for my higher studies. Later I gained an interest in teaching, and I became a lecturer in a popular university in South Asia. I found my utmost happiness while providing lectures and teaching students with what I have learned throughout my journey of life.

I started writing poems and other free notes just to let the mind run free. Later I started writing small articles for the university magazine. There was a section called For Men, and I was assigned to write something for men in the university. It started becoming popular over time. The magazine article section came with a limitation. I wanted to write more about good things men, and basically, everyone in the world could do.

After a year, I started a small blog, and I started gaining followers with time. When I started seeing comments and good thoughts that people shared on my blog posts, I thought of starting my own blog. So here I am sharing many things with the world.

It wasn’t a simple and easy journey as it sounds like though. It took me years, and there was a time that people weren’t much interested in the things I write. So I had to make sure that the articles I post are rich in quality and everybody can apply them in their lifestyles.

I learn a few things throughout the journey. As a result of that, I make sure to keep a consistent life. There is one particular person behind all this. That is, Weldon Long, and I would highly recommend his books to anyone interested in mindset improvement.

Another one of my favorite writers is Dale Carnegie. There are many books which I still read once a while such as, How to Enjoy your life & your job & The Leader in you. His books are highly focused on self-development, and I’m sure there will be a lot of things you could get inspired by his writings.

We start every day with competition and with or without our knowledge, we do things which could be harmful to ourselves. The main goal is to share good deeds through the blog and help the human generation to start habits of a healthy lifestyle while we all wake up in the morning and work for our goals.

Besides, I am a travel enthusiast, and I have traveled to 5 countries so far. I love spending time with locals and get to know their cultural backgrounds while taking pictures. Exploring a wide range of food in different cultures has been one of my all-time hobbies. I love to travel, which has a lot to show, which is related to nature. Going safari, watching animals, and going hiking are a few of my favorite activities I do when I travel.

Speaking of this blog, you will be able to find weekly content that is related to different topics. I love to seek healthy facts and information which are available in the world. I spend hours researching, exploring, and experimenting with the things I find across the globe. I’m sure that you will find many helpful tips and facts which you can use on your daily schedules to become a better person of yourself. I am planning to share more articles which are most suitable for any adult without being gender-based. I hope it won’t matter to my genuine followers. Thank you for taking the time to read this post. I will see you in a new post soon.  I wish you best of luck and Take care!