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7 Key Ingredients of Natural Pre Workout Supplement

We are very much used to staying inactive, and when we want to start working out, it feels hard, demotivated, and tiring to spend a considerable time on workouts. It is a very common problem that people who have a modern lifestyle come across. You will be considering a way to get that energy boost to keep up with the workout.

Including a pre workout supplement before start working will be suitable and you may have already suggested by a trainer to include a workout supplement before starting workouts.

There are many types of pre workout supplements available that contain various kinds of ingredients. We are going to discuss the natural pre workout supplements that you can use to boost your energy level while working out.

What is Natural Pre workout Supplement?

When you are going for a ride in a car, you need to fuel it up before starting the journey to make sure that it is ready to take us to the destination. When it comes to the human body, you have to provide all the essential energy to complete the workout successfully.

There are different types of natural pre workout supplements that can be included in meals, shakes, and also that come in pill and tablet forms.

The main goal of having a natural pre workout supplement is to receive energy, increase focus, and motivation.

Ideally, most natural pre workout supplements must be taken before 30 minutes prior to the workout. It will allow the body to absorb all the ingredients in the supplement and prepare it for the workout.

Is it safe?

Most natural pre workout supplements are entirely safe to use. But there have been few cases that consumers gain specific side effects such as interrupted sleep, itching, and specific mood changes. You will have to check for the ingredients of the pre workout supplements before choosing them to know what you are consuming. As long as the supplement is made out of natural ingredients, there will not be any long term side effects.

Ingredients of best natural pre workout supplement


Creatine is one of the most popular supplement ingredients. You must have already heard about it if you have been engaging with workouts often. Creatine is a molecule that is also produced in our kidneys and in the liver. It can also be found in red meat and certain fish varieties. There are also vegan varieties that support our kidney and liver to produce more creatine. Studies have shown that it can support your physical performance as working as a key energy source for muscles.

Green Tea

There have been many studies that show the benefits of Green Tea. You will also be able to find Green Tea extract in the best natural pre workout supplements because of the support it can provide to prepare your body for a workout, including boosting the overall health. Green tea extract is enriched with antioxidants. The main antioxidant of Green tea is Catechins that can work as a fat-burning mechanism. The caffeine that contains in Green Tea extract will also give you an energy boost while increasing your brain activity to focus.


Speaking of caffeine, this will be a highly beneficial yet a psychoactive drug that is widely used in natural pre workout supplements. Caffeine can help you stay proactive during workouts and push boundaries while stimulating your brain activity to increase focus and concentration.

However, you need to keep in mind that it is a drug, and caffeine addiction is a real thing. It will also lead to irregular sleep schedules, including other side effects that are related to caffeine. If you think that caffeine included natural pre workout supplements will not suit you, you can simply choose a supplement that is caffeine free.

Beet Root

Generally heart shaped and red vegetables are known to bring various health benefits that can improve our overall health. The beet Root extract is also one of the best ingredients in natural pre workout supplements that can benefit, especially for workoutholics and athletes. Studies have shown that the Nitrate in Beet Root extract has the capability to relax blood vessels to improve blood circulation.

Best Natural Pre Workout Supplement


Beta-Alanine is an amino acid that has been produced in our bodies. We can also find this compound in many natural pre workout supplements because this can support our body to create a less amount of acid while we workout. Not just that, it can also work as an energy booster while working out. In addition, food sources like meat and fish can increase the beta-alanine production in our system.


Citrulline sounds itself as a natural compound. It was first identified in watermelon, and it is also an amino acid that can be found in natural pre workout supplements. Citrulline also has the ability to improve the blood circulation of the body by widening the veins. Even though it’s considered as a non-essential amino-acid, it can also enhance the growth of certain hormones while improving the recovery process.


BCAA is the branched-chain amino acid that contains leucine, isoleucine, and valine molecules. You can find many dairy products that are rich in BCAA. It has become of the ingredients in the best natural pre workout supplements because these molecules can help you increase the endurance during a workout. However, this has not shown any impressive results in muscle growth or recovery.

The bottom line

Pre workout supplements are consumed by athletes and workoutholics under one the same purpose of taking the workout game to the next level. These ingredients will help you have an optimized workout while not feeling less tired and more motivated while being able to push boundaries.

There are certain ingredients such as caffeine you have to think twice before, including in your pre workout supplements because of the common side effect that they can bring.

There are many pre-made best natural pre workout supplements that include the above natural ingredients in the market. You can check online for those products, check reviews, and purchase if interested. But it is better to consult your trainer before choosing a pre workout supplement on your own.

There are also several ways to make your own best natural pre workout supplement. The best in the sense, that would be the best option you can ever choose instead of having a factory-made natural pre workout supplement. You will be able to have your customer ingredients and use it according to your needs and workout schedules. It will also be cost-effective and rich in essential nutrients.

Since making your own pre-workout supplement is the most effective way to have the best natural pre-workout supplement, check the video down below.

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