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John Anderson

John Anderson - Founder Of The Manly Things

About John Anderson: The Grooming Enthusiast Behind

Meet John Anderson

John Anderson is one of the founders of This 34-year-old grooming enthusiast is passionate about helping guys feel sharper, stylish, and much more confident. Ever since his early twenties, John had a prominent interest in the art of men’s grooming.

John’s Journey

His journey into this started in college, where he lacked comprehensive resources with quality products meant specifically for men. The frustration thus drove him into extensive research and experimentation in grooming techniques and products. His dorm room soon filled up to the brim with what should be described as a mini grooming lab, frequented by friends seeking advice on everything from beard grooming kits to hair care tips. He continues to hone his skills and knowledge about men’s grooming, skincare, and shaving essentials.

The Birth of

In 2024, John started, where he began to extend his knowledge to anyone willing to look deeper into such information. With quality and attention to detail, he built this blog into the ‘go-to’ source for men looking for practical, actionable grooming advice—from understanding what beard brush-rollers do to inexpensive skincare routines for logical men.

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