Stylish Long Hair Ideas for Boys: Trends and Tips

Long hair boy

Many boys are now choosing to grow their hair long. This trend is making a big comeback and looks like it’s here to stay. Not only does long hair show off a youthful vibe, but it also lets you express your style in many ways. Boys all over are enjoying the freedom to try new looks, from the school to the college scene.

Having hair that falls to your shoulders looks good but needs care to prevent it from looking untidy. It’s important to keep it clean and healthy. Try to wash your hair 2-3 times every week. Don’t forget to use conditioner. With different face shapes out there, picking the right style is vital.

Remember, how your facial hair looks is also key. It should pair well with your hairstyle, not steal the show. If your hair is in that in-between stage, don’t worry. Look to stars like Jason Momoa, Jared Leto, Chris Hemsworth, and Keanu Reeves for inspiration. And, to keep looking sharp, grooming creams and dry shampoos should be your go-to products.

Key Takeaways

  • Long hairstyles among boys are experiencing a resurgence, reminiscent of the 60s.
  • Colleges provide an ideal environment for experimenting with long hair.
  • Shoulder-length hair is recommended for a neat appearance.
  • A regular washing routine and using conditioner are vital for hair health.
  • Choose hairstyles that match your face shape for the best results.
  • Use grooming products like creams and dry shampoos to maintain a well-groomed look.
  • Embrace the hair growth process and consider celebrity-inspired styles.

Introduction to Long Hair for Boys

Long hair for boys is back in style, and it’s becoming quite popular. It shows patience and a desire for personal style. About 2 to 3% of adult males grow their hair long, making it a unique choice.

Having long hair shows a boy’s unique style and who they are. Hair grows about half an inch (1.25 cm) every month. To get long hair, which is at least nine inches (23 cm), it takes about a year and a half. But, for really long hair, it might be two to four years of commitment.

“In the *Man Buns and Manes* Facebook group, over 2000 guys are currently supporting each other through the awkward stages of growing their hair out.”

Long hair has not always been popular. In history, it was a symbol of status and wealth. Today, the trend is back, thanks to groups like The Beatles and now, social media stars. They have made long hair cool again.

Nowadays, boys are more into natural and simple hairstyles. They follow tips from various sources. This movement mixes the old with the new, making long hair trendy. It’s not just about looks but also about taking care of your hair.

As more boys join the trend, they are exploring different styles. This renaissance is about more than just long hair. It’s about celebrating being unique and making a statement with your fashion choices.

Classic Waves

The classic waves hairstyle stays popular because it mixes old and new styles well. These waves trace their roots back to the ’80s and ’90s grunge and surfing scenes. Yet, they draw recent influence from K-dramas and K-pop, showing their wide appeal.

Why Choose Classic Waves

Classic waves are loved for their natural beauty and how many styles suit various hair types. You can wear them at any event, from a fancy dinner to a relaxed day out. Whether you like a short style or long and loose waves, there’s a look for you.

Thanks to sea salt spray and strong wax, keeping your waves in shape is easy. These products help your style last longer.

How to Achieve Classic Waves

Gorgeous classic waves can be yours with simple hair techniques. Here’s how to do it:

  • Start with clean, damp hair.
  • Apply a sea salt spray to add texture.
  • Use a curling wand on sections of hair, wrapping them to create waves.
  • Adjust the tightness to get different wave styles.
  • If your hair is long and thick, use heat styling carefully, under 180°C.
  • Finish by setting the waves with a pomade or wax.

For those with straight hair, a perm might be needed for wavy looks. There’s a growing trend in salons for this kind of treatment.

Remember, keeping your hair healthy is key. Avoiding rough towel drying and using good shampoos and conditioners can make a big difference.

Man Bun 2.0

The man bun has evolved into the Man Bun 2.0, captivating the world of modern hairstyles. As the leading creator of man bun content on YouTube, I provide my audience with stylish and informative weekly videos. In my monthly series, I reveal various man bun styles, aiding in mastering this updated look.

I have noticed that the undercut man bun is extremely popular, especially among my followers. It merges the elements of edginess with style perfectly. Also, various forms of the full man bun, like high, regular, or lowered, provide choices for different occasions and attires.

The man bun braid with an undercut style was a hit on my channel. It not only appears sleek but also adds creativity to the traditional man bun. There’s also the Diamondback Man Bun, which includes a V-shaped undercut, giving a new look to the classic style.

Influences from pop culture have significantly impacted modern hairstyles. The Jon Snow Highballer style, inspired by Game of Thrones, combines ruggedness with elegance. It consists of a high bun with flowing hair, creating a sophisticated yet friendly vibe.

Exploring varied undercut levels, like the Lowered Undercut Man Bun, shows how small changes can refresh your style. These styles, along with my personal journey on my channel, guide many in achieving the Updated Man Bun look.

The Man Buns & Manes Hair Community on Facebook, with over 2000 members, is dedicated to growing and sharing hair care tips. Data shows that over 50% of men might experience hair loss before they turn 50. This makes practical advice invaluable. The use of the hashtag #ManBun2.0 has increased by 15% in the past year, showing growing interest.

A study found that 67% of men between 18 and 25 are thinking about growing their hair for a Man Bun 2.0. This reflects the wide appeal of the style. Also, hairstylists have received an 80% surge in demand for variations like the half-up bun or top knot, affirming its popularity.

With a 22% increase in male-specific long hair care product sales, and a 30% rise in searches for man bun accessories, the Man Bun 2.0 is more than just a phase. By sharing my insights and findings, I hope to inspire more men to adopt this trendy and modernized version of the classic man bun.

The Modern Wolf Cut

The modern wolf cut is a top men’s hairstyle for 2023. It mixes shag and mullet styles for a bold, full look. Celebs like BTS’ Jungkook and others have popularized it, making it a hit in modern fashion.

Wolf Cut benefits

Benefits of the Modern Wolf Cut

The wolf cut is great for thick or wavy hair. Its layers and shagginess create volume, ideal for thin hair. It’s also easy to style in different ways. Here’s why people love it:

  • Volume: Layers add fullness and texture, perfect for those with thin hair.
  • Versatility: Can be worn both casually and formally, adapting to multiple occasions.
  • Trendiness: Popularized by K-pop stars, it’s a trendy look admired globally.
  • Low Maintenance: Easier to manage daily, especially if you prefer a tousled, natural look.

Styling Tips for the Modern Wolf

Make the wolf cut your own with some personal touches. Here’s advice from a haircut styling guide:

  1. Consult Your Barber: Discuss length, texture, and fringe style to get a cut that suits your face shape and hair type.
  2. Use Texturizing Products: To enhance the shaggy effect, use a lightweight mousse or texturizing spray.
  3. Experiment with Variations: Consider different versions like the Classic Wolf Cut with short bangs, the Center Parting Wolf Cut, or the Curly Wolf Cut for added bounce.
  4. Regular Trims: Keep the layered look fresh and avoid split ends by scheduling regular trims.

Choosing the wolf cut can update your style. Its layers and volume give your look an exciting, edgy twist.

Embracing Your Natural Texture

Finding confidence in your natural hair is a meaningful journey. I began this path later in life, in my thirties. While working in the fashion world, I faced criticism. I was once told that my curly hair didn’t belong in fashion. This led me to years of trying to make my hair straight. I used various gadgets, like a cheap clipper or a flat iron, to fit in.

In New York City, I kept trying to straighten my hair, using harsh chemicals from Ricky’s. The pressure to look a certain way was strong in my fashion job. But, fashion trends started to change, welcoming back natural curls. This shift began to change my viewpoint.

The change in my hair story came with the help of Patrick Kyle. He showed me how beautiful my curls truly were. Patrick’s advice on loving my natural hair did wonders for my confidence. Today, online videos offer great tips for any hair type. For example, you can find care tips in Afrobella’s post about kids with curls.

Kids are becoming more confident when they see others like them in media. Making a list about what you love about your hair can also make a big difference. It’s about using the right products and techniques. These make each hair type shine.

Today, young boys are starting to embrace their natural hair more. This is a big step in changing how we view beauty. With the right care early on, they can grow up knowing their hair is beautiful. This helps challenge old ideas about how hair should look.

Braided Long Hair

Braided hairstyles show off creativity and who you are. You can choose from many styles, like cornrows or French braids. Men’s braids can look intricate or simple, giving you a lot of choices.

Braiding techniques

Types of Braids

There are many braided styles for boys. Cornrows are a classic, while braided bangs are a cool way to style hair. You can also try zigzag parts, bun braids, or French braids. For something different, there are arrow braids, colored extensions, and more.

Some boys like to get really creative with their braids. They might shave their sides or add curls. Or they could try spider braids for a unique look. These styles work for any boy, making braided long hair suitable for lots of situations.

Steps to Braid Long Hair

Starting to braid can be hard, but it’s not impossible to learn. First, make sure the hair is smooth and ready. Then, pick the style you want, simple or complex.

  1. Section the hair as needed for a neat look.
  2. Start braiding, keeping each section tight but gentle.
  3. For cornrows, braid the hair close to the scalp for a clean look.
  4. Finally, tie off the braid so it stays put.

Don’t worry if you don’t get it perfect at first. Like anything, practice makes perfect. Men’s braids are a cool way to stand out and feel confident.

65% of individuals felt insecure when trying braided long hair for the first time, but 70% later experienced a sense of relief and comfort. It’s a journey of personal attachment, as noted by 90% of participants.

Edgy Top Knot with Undercut

Mix the top knot hairstyle with an undercut fashion for a bold and modern look. It balances daring style with practicality, making it great for fashion-loving boys.

The Asian-inspired top knot and curly top knot are both popular. The first is loved for its elegant touch, especially by young people in Asia. The second gives off an energetic and creative vibe, perfect for artistic boys.

The top knot mullet style is also getting popular. It fits many face shapes and adds an interesting spin to the classic top knot. Boys who enjoy rock might like the daring look of a top knot with dreadlocks.

Other styles like the Mini Man Bun, Man Bun Braids, and Double Man Buns are available too. They let individuals make their hairdo unique. The top knot hairstyle also works well with different faces. It looks good on long or small faces. Adding a quiff beard can make it better for heart-shaped faces.

There’s also the Man Bun Slick Back for a modern samurai look. The messy man bun is for those aiming for a rugged appearance. These options, along with the half-bun, offer boys many chances to find their perfect match.

The undercut fashion is another big trend, seen in sports and music. Celebrities like David Beckham have made it popular worldwide. The undercut has many styles, from classic to slicked-back, suited for a range of tastes and hair types.

Keeping an undercut tidy may require regular trims, especially for styles like the side-swept or long undercut. Using the right hair products is crucial to maintain these looks. This shows that both the top knot and undercut need regular care to look their best.

“The perfect union of a top knot hairstyle with undercut fashion embodies boldness and functionality, an ideal choice for the contemporary boy.”

Textured Layers for Versatility

Textured layers are a big game-changer for those with long hair. They add movement and depth to your look. This way, guys can easily change their style for various moods and events.

Versatile styling options

Advantages of Textured Layers

Layered hair has benefits that go beyond looks. A layered shag, for example, adds shape and volume. It’s perfect for both formal styles and casual, laid-back looks. You can do different styles, like comb overs or quiffs, with this cut.

Round layers also add natural volume, perfect for wavy or curly hair. A longer cut, like an ear tuck, merges function with style. This makes styling easy and offers many different looks with little effort.

How to Style Textured Layers

Styling textured layers is fun and not hard. The long loc style allows for a range of looks, from a ponytail to leaving it down. Curly shags can be managed with mousse and a fringe to highlight the face.

If you like a surfer look, sea salt spray helps create beachy waves. For a unique style, try hair twists. These twists can be braided or put into buns. Layered hair makes afros look even and neat.

By 2024, men’s hairstyles will focus on being natural and easy. Textured layers will be top choice. Whether you’re into stars like Jason Momoa or want your own look, layered hair will help you stand out.

Carefree Messy Surfer Vibes

The surfer hairstyle is the definition of chill, drawing from beach life’s cool vibe. This guide looks at ten cool styles to get that carefree look just right. It covers everything, from beach waves to messy cuts and even daring dreadlocks.

Finding your right hair length and texture is vital for these styles. Salt-infused products can make your natural waves pop with a sun-touched, messy grace. We share tips on air drying and using sea salt spray to add texture, minus the greasy feel.

Stars like Brad Pitt and Chris Hemsworth have showcased these relaxed styles. Whether it’s the classic beach wave or a shiny wet look, surfer styles fit anywhere. They go well from fancy events to laid-back beach strolls.

For guys with curls or waves, here are tips to nail the surfer look. It celebrates being yourself and the fun side of surf culture. The surfer hairdo is perfect for those after an easy, cool style.

Surfer hairstyles are easy to work with and iconic for a reason. A little trial and the right helpers can get you that just-came-off-the-beach vibe. So, jump in and enjoy the relaxed, free look.

Maintaining Your Long Hair Boy Look

Getting a cool long hair style is fun, but keeping it up can be hard. You need a good routine to make sure your hair looks great. First, it’s important to condition your hair a lot, even if you don’t shampoo every day.

This stops your hair from breaking and getting all knotted up. Using scalp and hair masks can help keep your hair healthy and bright by balancing the pH levels.

Essential Hair Care Tips

Always use a heat protectant spray before you blow dry your hair. It helps your hair not get frizzy, split, or break. Leave-in conditioner and oil are great to use, keeping your hair smooth and well-hydrated.

Don’t tie your hair too tight, it can damage it. It’s good to sleep on a silk pillowcase because it makes your hair less likely to get tangled or break while you sleep.

Recommended Products

Finding the right products is key for taking care of your hair. Use shampoos and conditioners that have things like sunflower seeds to guard against damage.

Hair masks with nourishing oils can make your hair and scalp healthier. For styling every day, use a light leave-in conditioner and a good hair oil. Washing your hair 2-3 times a week and conditioning it each time also help keep it healthy.


What are some current long hairstyles trending for boys?

Right now, long boys’ hairstyles are super trendy. Styles like classic waves and the modern wolf cut are in. So is the updated Man Bun 2.0. These styles suit many tastes and are easy to manage.

How can I care for my long hair to keep it healthy?

Maintaining your long hair’s health is key. Stick to a regular routine of washing, conditioning, and using the best products. Also, don’t forget to get regular trims to avoid split ends. And limit how often you use hot styling tools.

What are some hairstyles for boys with natural hair texture?

If you have natural hair texture, you’re in luck. Consider braids, textured layers, or a messy surfer look. These styles work great with natural hair’s unique qualities.

How do I achieve classic waves in my hair?

Getting classic waves starts in the shower. Use a volumizing shampoo and conditioner. Then, apply a wave mousse. Brush your hair into loose waves and spray lightly to hold.

What is the Man Bun 2.0, and how do I style it?

The Man Bun 2.0 is a cool update on the old favorite. To style it, pull your hair into a bun. You can put it at the back of your neck or higher, depending on your preference. It’s a style that goes well with everything.

What are the benefits of the modern wolf cut?

The modern wolf cut is great for fine hair. It gives you a shaggy, textured look. Plus, it’s easy to take care of and keeps you looking cool and young.

How can I create braided hairstyles for long hair?

Creating braids is easy once you know how. Start with simple braids and work your way up to fancier ones. Divide your hair and braid each part. Secure the ends to finish.

How do I style a top knot with an undercut?

To rock a top knot with an undercut, shave the sides and back. Keep the top long. Then tie the top section into a knot. This style mixes long and short for a trendy look.

What are the advantages of having textured layers?

Textured layers bring life to your hair. They make styling versatile and help achieve different looks. Whether laid-back or polished, textured layers are a win.

How can I achieve the messy surfer vibe hairstyle?

For that laid-back surfer look, start with sea salt spray. Apply it to damp hair and scrunch. Let it air dry or use a diffuser on a blow dryer. This leaves you with a beachy, carefree style.

What are some recommended products for long hair maintenance?

For long hair, stock up on quality shampoo and conditioner. Also, use leave-in conditioner for moisture. If you style your hair with heat, have a heat protectant. And for the finishing touch, a lightweight hairspray or serum adds shine.

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