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All the Ear Hair Removal Techniques in the World!

Men are generally known to be hairy, and it’s completely normal to have hair on your ears sometimes. Sometimes people wonder whether it is abnormal to have a bit of extra hair in the ear. It’s certainly not, and it may occur depending on the testosterone level, hormones, and genes. But have no worries plenty of ear hair removal options are available now.

Ear hair is most common in men who are in their 50’s and above. Sometimes you might find some ear hair popping up when you are in your 20’s and 30’s. It may look a bit odd when you first noticed but the great news is, there are many ear hair removal techniques available and you can easily say goodbye to your ear hair.

Ear hair removal - The Manly Things

Why do ears have hair?

But before that, let’s have a quick look at why ears have hair. After all, there must be a reason behind, isn’t it? Body hair in general, has a main goal. It is to help our body to regulate the temperature. But ear hair comes with a different purpose. It works as a barrier to keep small dust particles away from our ear. The ear is one of the most sensitive parts in the body, and if it meets a lot of dirt and dust, it might infect and cause problems.

Men have a higher level of testosterone, and it is one of the main reasons why grown men tend to have extra hair everywhere. If you are a person who has higher testosterone, you might find a bit of extra hair in your ears and the nose. Certain medications can lead to hormone imbalance. As a result of that, you might find thicker hair growing in unusual places like the ears. Perhaps, you were born to own a thick bush of ear hair when you grow up. Specific genes can result in growing ear hair too.

How does ear hair removal work?

As men, we will have to deal with ear hair at some point in our lives, and it is only a matter of time. There are 3 main ways to remove the ear hair.

  1. Ear hair removal tools
  2. Ear hair removal wax
  3. Ear hair removal cream

We should never forget the experts saying, ‘do not put anything smaller than your elbow in your ear’ when getting rid of the ear hair. It is not wise to use anything that is not specifically made to be used as an ear hair removal tool/ear hair removal wax/ear hair removal cream.

These techniques depend on what type of ear hair you got. There are two types of ear hair that can grow. The outer ear hair can be long and thicker. Ear hair removal tools come into play to get rid of outer ear hair. The inner hair is a bit soft and gentle. It can be somewhat tricky to remove the inner hair. Ear hair removal cream and ear hair removal wax are made to get rid of this type of hair.

Ear hair removal tools

Ear hair removal tools can be as simple as a hair plucker and complicated as a laser gun! There are different kinds of ear hair removal tools that you can use to get rid of the ear hair.

The most popular hair removal method of shaving does not be very helpful when it comes to getting rid of ear hair because it will require a lot of patience and might end up getting injured. Which means the only options that are available are trimming and plucking.

Using a trimmer remove the ear hair is the most convenient technique that is available today. There are trimmers that are exclusively designed to trim the ear hair, and you will be able to find many products with simple research. While that’s the most suitable option, you can also use simple tools like scissors. You will have to be very careful not to make sure that you won’t cut your ear, and dealing with inner hair would be a big no for such tools. 

Ear hair plucking can also be an option if you are familiar with hair plucking. This can be somewhat painful since the skin in the ear is a bit sensitive. It is also an available option that people follow to get rid of the ear hair. You can do this with an ear hair plucking tweezer.

We live in a wonderful era where there are laser treatments available to get rid of the ear hair and stop growing them sooner. Laser  treatments could work as a long term solution, but it does not come in a handy budget. 

Ear hair removal cream and ear hair removal wax

Ear hair removal cream & ear hair removal wax related techniques are somewhat outdated due to a number of health problems that are caused by those methods. But still, there are people who follow these techniques because it can be an effective method for outer ear hair removal. Also, these techniques are followed during medical procedures. You can get rid of outer hair without causing any pain and faster. However, this method can bring you serious issues if used for the inner ear hair.

If you are planning to use an ear hair removal cream or ear hair removal wax, it’s best to apply some on your wrist arm or behind the ear a little bit and check how the skin reacts to it. It is essential to follow the instructions of the product before using them because ears are very sensitive parts of our body.


Men tend to get more and more hair related problems when growing up. For the hair in the ear, that is a problem with many solutions! You can easily choose an ear hair removal method and do it regularly to ensure that your ears look neat and cool when you go meet your loved one. You should never forget that ear hair is there for a reason and not to overdo it or do it without following proper instructions. Because it can lead your little ears to severe injuries that can last for a lifetime.

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