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Myth Buster! Truth about Liquid Vitamins

Popping up a few pills of vitamins has become a habit of a healthy lifestyle. We always have a few bottles of vitamin pills in the house to use regularly or whenever we need them. Did you ever question why we have a habit like that after all? It is because the food we consume every day is not rich with the vitamins that our body truly needs.

Truth about Liquid Vitamins - TheManlythings

So we tend to recover the missing nutrients and vitamins through a few pills, or even if we don’t notice much, our family doctors make sure to prescribe them when they realize that we need them to be healthy.

While it’s a clear fact that we need vitamin supplements to own a healthy life, it has been proven that consuming liquid vitamins could benefit your body rather than just popping up vitamin pills. There is no doubt that sliding a few drops of liquid is much easier than consuming pills as long as they come in a good taste. So let’s find out what is actually beneficial to our body and what the best liquid vitamins are available for us.

Besides all the vitamins we consume with our mouth, there are vitamins which we use to apply on our body. It is great to have those vitamins in liquid form because converting pills or tablets into liquid form can be messy and may not be effective.

Liquid Vitamins - Themanlythings

Why do we should choose liquid multivitamins

Most absorbable method

When you take a pill or a tablet, it has to be broken first to be absorbed by the body. This takes some time, and it may result in a lack of absorption. This is the main reason why liquid vitamins are the best choice available than pills. The body can start absorbing them right after it meets the body and it doesn’t have to wait until it starts digesting.

Easy to Swallow

If you only need to consume one vitamin or a tablet, this may not be a problem at all. But sometimes people end up swallowing a pile of pills every day. Forcing yourself to drink a lot of pills at once is not a fancy thing to do. Also, there is a possibility of choking while doing it. So it would be much better and easier if they can choose liquid vitamins instead of pills.

Can avoid harmful pill shells

Did you know that certain pill shells contain ingredients that can be harmful to your body? These shells are made of Hydrogenated Oils, Boric acid, and Sodium Benzoate, which can lead to side effects such as, an increase of LDL cholesterol, liver cell damage, DNA damage and even they have a possibility to lead to birth defects.

Higher Concentration

Having liquid vitamins is better because you can approach vitamin densities, which are not possible to reach with capsules and pills. So having liquid vitamins is better, and each dosage can be highly concentrated on the exact amount you need.

Allows you to be creative

Instead of just popping the vitamins up, you can use them as a simple topping on your brownie, which you were planning to eat or apply it in the juice you are going to make in the evening. Also, you can apply them on your hair or on your skin, which can bring you great benefits.

But what are the cons?

Regular dosing

Every time you need to consume liquid vitamins, you will have to measure it. So this could be subjective to the tool which you use to measure, and sometimes you might end up overdosing them. Overdosing vitamins also could bring you negative results such as Nausea, Vomiting, hair and nail damage, and issues with the digestive system.

Liquid Vitamin regular dosing

Quality reduction of Vitamins

Even though it is considered as using liquid vitamins is a better option, it may not apply to certain vitamins like vitamin C. Because liquid vitamin C starts breaking down as soon as they meet oxygen. So when you open the liquid vitamin C, vitamins start breaking into pieces. Also, there are very few liquid vitamin C producers out there, which are produced for kids and those who specifically need them.

Taste could be a problem

I have met certain people who genuinely ignore the taste of certain liquid vitamins. The taste and the smell of these vitamins are dependable of the vitamin type and the producer. As most of them come with a strong taste and different smells, it might be somewhat hard to swallow, especially when it starts running all over the mouth before you grab that bottle of water.

Liquid Vitamins will welcome ants

While pills are hard to swallow, you might drip a bit of liquid vitamins on the bottle surface or on what you are wearing. If you drop the whole lot of Vitamins you just took out of the bottle, it would be impossible to swallow it anyway. Also, ants might sense this and bring their team to gather some vitamins while you think it’s just a drip.

Best Liquid Vitamins

Liquid Vitamin E

This vitamin is mostly called skin vitamin. Lack of vitamin E could cause cell damage and aging of the skin. Liquid Vitamin E primarily used on skin and on the hair because it can bring flawless benefits to the skin and the hair.

Also, the liquid vitamin can consume as regular syrup. It will bring you medicinal benefits for your skin and internal cells. Liquid Vitamin E is also considered as a treatment for skin itchiness, sun and heat inflammation, and other skin problems.

If you can check on Amazon, you will be able to see that there are many liquid vitamin E related products that you can purchase.

Folic Acid Liquid

The folic acid liquid is a new generation vitamin category which is called vitamin B9. This is widely used to produce healthy red blood cells, for pregnant women to improve the growth of their babies and to reduce the side effects of certain drugs. These liquid vitamin based products are widely used across the world.

As this is also a popular liquid vitamin, you will be able to find folic acid liquid products in many places including at Amazon.

Liquid Vitamin D

Vitamin D is mainly produced when our skin meets the morning Sun and animal-based food. Due to the lack of consumption of these foods and lack of sunlight, people tend to get vitamin D through supplements. This vitamin D is mostly used by people who have poor diets, lactose intolerance, people who have very dark skins or other skin conditions, and milk allergies.

Also, you can check the latest prices of liquid vitamin D products on Amazon here.

Liquid Biotin

Liquid Biotin is also a member of B vitamin complex and widely used as a beauty nutrient because it helps you gain healthy hair, skin, and nails. It also helps your overall metabolism and you will be able to find liquid vitamin based products from biotin often.

Liquid biotin is also widely produced by many popular compaines around the world. You will be able to check prices and compare products here.

Liquid Vitamin A

Liquid vitamin A is mostly used when someone is having a Vitamin A deficiency, which could lead to night blindness and other aging-related matters. So most people have Liquid vitamin A as a food supplement.

Also, people use Liquid Vitamin A orally because it helps you to have strong and healthy hair and supports skin growth.

Liquid Vitamin K

Liquid vitamin k is mostly found in green based food such as vegetables and broccoli. It is mostly used as a treatment for blood clotting problems. However, people use liquid Vitamin K along with other vitamins that are being applied to the skin because it can be beneficial. Because it delays the skin aging and supports the recovery of dark circles around the eyes.

Vitamin B Complex Liquid

Vitamin B Complex Liquid is commonly used as a dietary supplement, especially for those who have a poor diet, certain illnesses, alcoholism, and during pregnancy. Vitamin B complex liquid is made by combining all the B vitamins. This is considered as one of the best liquid multivitamins anybody can purchase.

Liquid Vitamin D3

Liquid vitamin D3 is a common supplement that you can purchase from pharmacies. Many people use it because it has many benefits such as, helps maintain healthy bones and teeth, supports immune functionality, and supports a healthy life.

Liquid Vitamin C

Another very important medicine in the Vitamin family is Vitamin C. The liquid Vitamin C is also mostly used as a syrup for kids. Liquid vitamin C is also used to cure chronic disease, high blood pressure, heart diseases, boost immunity, and to uric acid levels.

As vitamin C tends to break as soon as it meets oxygen, there are only a few liquid vitamin based products.


If you can arrange the liquid vitamin form of every vitamin supplement that you consume, it would always be a better option. There are many liquid multivitamin out there which you can purchase. But it still better take the experts advice before using them. While there are many products on liquid biotin and liquid vitamin D which it’s quite hard to find liquid vitamin C. So, in such cases, it’s best to stay with the pills or capsules.