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5 Best Mass Gainer You Should Try Today!

When the big game begins, you need to provide essential needs to your body to start building serious mass. You have to start counting your calories, be selective about the food varieties with the daily diet, and also an excellent supplement to support the gaining process.

When your body starts bulking up, it also requires a lot of protein and other essential nutrition to maintain and gain. So you will have to eat a lot more food than your regular diet. This can be a trick or someone impossible to do. So you will be recommended to use a mass gainer to keep up with your built body and the workout program.

Choosing the best mass gainer for your body can be a life-changer. First, let’s have a look at the benefits of the best mass gainers.

Mass Gainer Benefits

Packed with Energy

It’s all about dealing with heavy disks, plates, and other machines right after walking into the gym. Obviously, it requires a lot of energy to cope up with the workout plan. With time your body will adjust itself to consume and manage a lot of energy for heavy workout programs. It is essential to provide all the essential carbs and the required energy sources to accomplish these tasks.

Fulfill heavy calorie requirement

It’s obvious that you find it hard to fulfill the calorie requirements just by consuming food. Having the best mass gainer can provide the required calories to your body. This may not sound great for anyone who prefers having a skinny type body. But the story is different for those who wish to gain. This is one of the unique benefits you will find in mass gainers as it can be nearly impossible to consume food to fulfill the calorie requirement.

Enriched with Fibre

Fiber does a crucial job when it comes to keeping our body healthy while fighting off the toxins in our body. It also supports the digestive system and to provide a maximum absorption level during the digestion. This can be highly beneficial for those for mass gainers, and the best mass gainers make sure to include plenty of fiber in their supplements for the betterment of the gainers.

Keeps unimportant fats away

Mass gainers are all about building healthy weight, and an extra fat layer on the skin could be a bummer when showing off those pumped up curves. Using a mass gainer can help you to reduce and maintain the fat intake as most mass gainers contain medium-chain triglycerides that can support the muscles and not for the skin layer.

Best Mass Gainers

Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass

Without a doubt, ‘Serious Mass’ is one of the most popular supplement brands that are in the market today. This is on the top of our lists of best mass gainers because of the high amount of carbs that it can provide per serving. If you are concerned about the daily sugar intake, keep in mind that this product contains 20 grams of sugar per serving. But it will help you to keep up with the high dose of calorie intake. This would be one of your best picks for you to consume a harger calorie content per session. You may not find it at a great taste. But don’t forget why it’s on top of our best mass gainers list.

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Dymatize Super Mass Gainer Protein Powder

If you are someone who prefers using a mass gainer that includes other essentials such as creatine, Dymatize got the best mass gainer for you. It is enriched with carbs, protein, fats and also creatine to provide extra support to the muscle growth. As it is a mixture of different compounds, you may not find this supplement in an excellent taste as well. But this product can be the best mass gainer for anyone who prefers other essential nutrients along with a higher dose of carbs.

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NOW Sports Nutrition, Carbo Gain Powder

Now supplements have its own position in the supplement world when it comes to NOW nutrition. They also produce one of the best mass gainers that can provide around 1100 calories that include 35% Carbs, 20% of Fat, and 45% of the protein that can support the overall muscle growth. It also contains pure maltodextrin, a high glycemic index, and a higher insulin index that can help the user to develop insulin resistance. If you are someone who chooses a trusted brand over the others, this could be your pick because NOW supplements have gained a good reputation for its quality products since 1968.

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Naked Mass – Natural Weight Gainer Protein Powder

Naked Mass produces a balanced weight gainer protein powder that includes whey, casein, and maltodextrin. This becomes one of the best mass gainers because it does not contain any artificial ingredients or sweeteners. Each serving contains 1250g of calories, 252g of carbs and 50g of protein. This product only contains 5g of sugar, and this would be one of the best picks for anyone who is concerned about the sugar intake per session. Even though it doesn’t contain a lot of sugar, many users say that it tastes great for a natural weight gainer.

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Real Gains Weight Gainer

When it comes to the best mass gainer, we all look for more calories, more protein, and more fiber. Protein is an essential nutrient when it comes to muscle growth and also it’s important to make sure that the carb intake is also balanced to perform well at the gym. Universal Nutrition Real Gains comes with a balanced combination of these nutrients to fuel up your body while supporting muscle growth.

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How to use mass gainers

Ordering the best mass gainer will not solve your carb and protein requirements instantly. You will have to be aware of the right way to use mass gainers to get the best results of your products.

Before consuming the mass gainers, you have to calculate the daily calorie and protein intake and then fulfill the remaining balance with your mass gainers. You can note down what you eat or use an app such as MyFitnessPal to calculate the amount of calories, proteins, and other nutrients that you consume.


There are different types of mass gainers. We have mentioned the best mass gainers that are available in the market today. The best mass gainer that fits best for you depends on your workout plan, food intake, and many other things. So it is always better to contact your health professional before choosing a mass gainer by yourself.

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