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Using Fitness Centers During Covid 19! – Is it truly safe?

Using fitness centers during covid 19 can be riskier than ever before! We understand that almost all the gymaholics are counting days to run to the gym and get back with their workout schedules to stay in shape. Are you wondering whether using fitness centers during covid 19 is safe or should you avoid any fitness centers at once? Check out this post and find out how to go to the fitness center by minimizing the risk for covid 19 to make sure that you and your loved ones are safe.

According to recent research, covid 19 does not spread through sweat. But that doesn’t mean that you are completely safe to visit the gym. Recent areas have reported that they have noticed few spikes of covid 19 cases where the fitness centers are situated in.

Fitness centers have become a highlight topic in many cities because they became the main points to cause some covid 19 outbreaks, such as in South Korea. Due to this reason, many countries, including the World Health Organization, bought guidelines when using fitness centers during covid 19.

There are many fitness centers that are being opened and resuming their daily activities with a limited number of members. Maybe it would be the right time to hit back to the gym as long as you can take the necessary precautions.

Guidelines for using fitness centers during covid 19

For Fitness center operators

You need to keep a limited number of individuals at a time in the fitness center. You have to make sure that each individual has space to keep a safe distance of 2 meters between two individuals. Maintaining a scheduled entry or allowing members to use the equipments according to a time table will help you to avoid overcrowding.

It is essential to use a hand sanitizer before entering and after leaving the fitness center. Using before and after using gym equipment is necessary.

Hand washing stations that include sanitizers or with water and soap has to be located in several sections in the fitness center. Adding washing stations that don’t require hand involvement to operate would be ideal. Make sure all the stations have plenty of soap and sanitizer liquids stored.

Gym equipment placement and distancing

It is important to maintain the 2-meter distance between two individuals and gym equipment. Gym equipment has to be rearranged, allowing members to maintain the 2-meter distance. These equipments must be turned backwards to avoid face to face interactions of the users.

If you find it hard to rearrange all the equipments, it would be best to advise the equipment users not to use all the equipment at once. For open areas such as, Zumba rooms, it would be best to mark the floor with a 2-meter distance, which allows gym members to see clearly where to stand when they perform their exercises. Make sure to clean the equipments and areas that people have been too often. Do not use any shared objects such as towels, weights, yoga mats, etc., without sanitizing them.

Importance of using masks

Wearing a mask and using fitness centers during covid 19 can be somewhat tricky. Using the mark is important as it can minimize the risk of virus transmission. However, health professionals do not recommend wearing a mask while engaging in workouts because it will minimize the oxygen intake of your body. Using an outdoor area for exercises would be best, and if you are in an indoor gym, it would be best to wear a mask to minimize the risk.

Using Fitness Centers During Covid 19

Do not adjust the mask often. If you do, make sure to wash your hands immediately without touching any equipment.


A set of rules should be printed and made visible to all the gym users. A staff member always has to be in the premises to support the individuals and to instruct to maintain the distance. Pasting warnings and reminders throughout the premises can also remind the members to make sure to be extra precarious while spending time at the gym. If you identified any ill gym members have had to be isolated from others immediately and inform the relevant healthcare department.


Indoor ventilation is important. Make sure to keep the doors and windows of the premises open often. Take necessary precautions to reduce the humidity and improve the ventilation with fans and air conditioners. Maintain an airflow towards the windows and doors all the time.

Cleaning and Disinfection

Make sure to clean the equipment and gym areas frequently. It is important to use disinfection and clean equipments after usage and before starting to use anything. Frequently clean the places and equipments that people use often.

Use of water

It is important to stay hydrated while using fitness centers during covid 19. Make sure all the members have their own saucers of water. Do not share water bottles or cups with each other. Add a sensor-based switch or one that can be operated with the food. Do not allow members to consume water directly from taps or water saucers. Allow only to refill personal bottles or cups with public water saucers.


Using fitness centers during covid 19 can be essential but it would be best not to spend a lot of time in restrooms. Do not overcrowd restrooms. Maintaining the distance also applies to the restroom as well. Clean the restrooms often and try your best to avoid unnecessary visits to the restroom. Encourage individuals to visit the gym in an appropriate costume where they can return to their households without changing as it can avoid the interaction.


Management of the gym has to take all the essential steps to minimize the risk of the spread of the virus. It would be ideal not to play any music and make necessary arrangements to let people not to talk loud as it can improve the attendance of spreading the virus.

Outdoor exercising premises are the best choice to get your workouts done, especially during this situation. Even though you prefer going to an indoor gym, make sure that it is well ventilated and disinfected accordingly.

If you are someone who is older than 60 years,  using fitness centers during covid 19 may not be the best thing to do. Remember, your’s and your family’s safety has to be the top priority when using fitness centers during covid 19.

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