Top Male Short Wavy Hairstyles to Try This Year

Male short wavy hairstyles

Men’s hairstyles are always changing, and 2024 is no different. Short wavy hairstyles are a big hit this year. They offer a lot of choices that fit all kinds of hair and styles. You can go for a fresh, edgy vibe or something more traditional and neat with these male short wavy hairstyles.

GATSBY, a well-known brand, found 70 hairstyles that will be popular in 2024. These styles are catching on in Asia, Europe, and the US. Websites like have great tips for perfecting your wavy style.

Choices range from the classic 360 waves with a fade to the trendy wavy pompadour and the cool undercut waves. It’s key to keep up with styling and use the right products. By using light styling creams and leaving conditioners, you can keep your look current. Are you up for a change? Look into these top male short wavy hairstyles to own your style in 2024.

Key Takeaways

  • 360 Waves with Fade and wavy pompadour lead the trends for male short wavy hairstyles in 2024.
  • GATSBY highlights 70 unique hairstyles gaining popularity across various regions.
  • Essential styling products include sulfate-free shampoos, lightweight creams, and sea salt sprays.
  • Modern interpretations like the undercut waves and textured crops offer both style and versatility.
  • Expert resources from provide tailored advice for choosing and maintaining these trending looks.

Introduction to Short Wavy Hairstyles for Men

In 2024, men’s hair trends take an exciting turn. This year, natural, textured short hairstyles are the highlight. They show off authenticity and confidence. The influence of barbers is clear, with a focus on neat but natural looks. Men worldwide are choosing laid-back wavy hair cuts. These styles are both fashionable and easy-going.

Short, wavy hairstyles get a lot of their cool from Asian trends, especially Korean looks. These styles have caught the eye of the globe. They mix a relaxed feel with a sleek finish, perfect for any man today. The Wavy Faux Hawk, 360 Waves with Fade, and Classic Comb Over with Waves are just a few trendy examples. Each brings its own flair to the wavy hair style.

Wavy hair proves its charm in various lengths, not just short cuts. Styles range from medium Tapered Waves to long locks, like the Curly Fringe. Slicked Back Waves and Wavy Pompadours are also popular. Let’s not forget the rugged appeal of messy cuts, such as Beachy Waves. There truly is something for every man.

When it comes to styling, short wavy haircuts are simple. Use the right techniques and products to work with your natural wave. Thankfully, brands like GATSBY have the ideal styling products. They help you perfect your short, wavy look.

So, in 2024, wavy hair and short cuts are stealing the show. It’s a great time for men’s grooming. There are plenty of chances to show off your style with these unique, textured hairstyles.

The Classic Quiff for Wavy Hair

The quiff, introduced in the 1950s, has since become a must-have in men’s hair. Its retro appeal and confidence-boosting features make it a top choice. Stars like Ryan Reynolds, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Robert Downey Jr. have flaunted unique quiffs, showing off its wide appeal.

Why Choose the Quiff?

The quiff is great for guys wanting a polished yet lively look. It works well for different face shapes, especially round faces. A shorter quiff might suit thinner faces better, highlighting their features. This hairstyle mixes the best of various styles into something new and current, perfect for the energetic man. Wearing a quiff shows off a blend of elegance, style, and confidence.

How to Style a Quiff

Styling the ideal quiff includes important steps and products. Clearing things with your barber is essential for the right cut, with a 3-inch length for a medium style being ideal.

  1. Begin with clean, towel-dried hair. A heat protectant is needed to guard hair from damage while styling.
  2. Use a blow dryer and a round brush to lift hair at the roots for volume. Blow-dry your hair up and back.
  3. Apply a bit of styling clay or pomade to shape the quiff. Make sure it’s applied evenly for a neat look.
  4. A textured or messy quiff might need styling wax to accentuate the style.
  5. Use hairspray or setting spray to lock your look in place all day.

Make the quiff fit your style by selecting the right option for your hair and flair. For example, the undercut quiff suits thicker hair, while a messy quiff looks great on fuller hair. Choosing the right kind of quiff lets you express your personal style.

Adding a quiff to your style is a great way to look both classic and modern. With its timeless cool, the quiff is a style to embrace.

The Textured Crop: A Modern Take

The textured crop is a top choice for guys wanting a mix of new and old in their haircuts. Its sharp look works well for many hair types and situations. Here, we explore its perks and share key tips for getting the ideal textured crop look.

Textured crop

Benefits of the Textured Crop

The textured crop is loved for being so versatile. It suits men with all kinds of hair, from straight to curly. Here are some key benefits:

  • The Textured French Crop is really popular, fitting all kinds of fashion tastes.
  • The Textured Crop Low Fade looks great on straight hair, mixing sharpness with style.
  • Short styles like the Short Textured Crop and Messy Textured Crop are also good options, giving off a cool and modern vibe.

It’s also a low-maintenance style, perfect for those who are always on the go. The textured crop can be dressed up or down, making it perfect for all occasions. It blends rugged appeal with a modern touch.

Styling Tips for a Textured Crop

Now, let’s get into how to style a textured crop to perfection:

  1. Go for top-quality products: Use matte clay or texturizing spray for that perfect textured look. They keep your hair looking natural without feeling heavy or oily.
  2. Blow-dry like a pro: Blow-dry your hair while running your fingers through it to boost volume and texture. This works wonders, especially for those with fine hair.
  3. Choose the right cut: Chat with your barber to pick a textured crop that suits your face and hair. Consider adding fades or tapers for extra depth and style.

Nailing the ideal textured crop isn’t just about the cut. It’s also how you keep it looking sharp with the right care and products. With the right hair styling tips, your textured crop will look cool, fresh, and up-to-date.

The Undercut for Short Wavy Hair

The undercut is perfect for short wavy styles, adding a cool and sleek vibe. It’s a top choice in the men’s style scene for its adaptability.

Undercut for Short Wavy Hair

Since the 1920s, the undercut has been changing. Stars like Brad Pitt and Zac Efron made it famous in big movies. It works well with a range of modern styles, such as fade cuts, making it perfect for short hair.

The undercut is great for wavy hair because it can be styled in many unique ways. Wavy hair adds texture and fullness to the look. This makes it a popular choice for anyone who wants to look sharp effortlessly.

Today, people love shorter undercuts because they’re easy to take care of. Medium lengths are great for showing off your natural hair. The longer version, with its own unique twist, fits right into creative workplaces. It looks stylish and professional at the same time. The undercut works for a variety of shapes and features, which is why it’s so well-liked.

K-dramas and K-pop have brought wavy hair undercuts back into the spotlight. Looks like the Wavy Mohawk and Korean Wavy Centre Part are big for 2023. This shows the undercut is a classic for guys looking for something new.

“Wavy hair undercuts offer multiple styling options that can adapt to personal taste, making it a versatile and fashionable choice,”

This idea is big among Gen Z and those who love fashion.

Male Short Wavy Hairstyles: The Messy Waves

Messy waves show effortless style for guys. They mix rugged charm with today’s fashion. Inspired by 1980s and 1990s styles and K-dramas, they’re back in a big way.

Messy waves

Embracing the Messy Look

Messy waves look relaxed and natural. This style fits men with short to mid-length hair who prefer easy grooming. It seems simple, but getting the right messy waves takes some skill.

Wavy hair does this style best. Yet, guys with straight hair can use the right products too. For straight hair, you might try a strong wax like gatsby THE DESIGNER AERO UP WAX. This wax helps hold the waves all day.

Maintaining Your Messy Waves

Keeping messy waves looking great needs the right care and products. Using shampoos and conditioners made for wavy hair is a smart move. They keep your hair’s texture and health just right.

Don’t forget about getting your hair trimmed at the salon now and then. It keeps your waves looking neat. Hair tools can also help. Things like hair curlers and dryers make it easy to adjust your style.

The Short Curly Quiff

The short curly quiff is a new take on the classic. It mixes style with easy care. This look uses wavy hair’s natural flow, making a trendy yet simple appearance. It stands out in the world of men’s haircuts.

Why the Short Curly Quiff Stands Out

The short curly quiff is loved for how it makes wavy hair look good. It doesn’t need a lot of styling products. This makes it a great choice for people who want a fresh style without much work.

This style is also both classy and a bit daring. You can wear it at work or for fun times and always look good.

How to Achieve the Perfect Curly Quiff

Getting the perfect short curly quiff starts with the right cut. Ask for shorter sides and more length on top to show off your curls. Adding layers helps give your hair more body and shape.

Here’s what to do next:

  1. Wash and condition your hair with wavy-hair-friendly products to make it look its best.
  2. Put Hybrid Hair styling compound on your wet hair. It gives great shape and holds without making your hair heavy.
  3. Using a thickening shampoo keeps your hair full and strong. This is key for your quiff to look good.
  4. Dry your hair with a diffuser to keep your curls looking natural and limit frizz.
  5. Finally, add a touch of pomade or hair wax. It keeps your quiff looking sharp and adds some shine.

Remember, keeping the short curly quiff in shape means getting regular trims. Always see a barber who knows how to work with curly hair. This ensures you always have a great haircut.

By using the right products and methods, anyone can rock the short curly quiff. It’s a fantastic choice for those with wavy hair who want a stylish, easy-to-maintain look.

The Ivy League Cut for Wavy Hair

The Ivy League cut has moved beyond Ivy League schools like Harvard and Yale. Now, it’s loved worldwide. This cut gives a sleek, timeless look perfect for any occasion.

To keep this style sharp, regular trims are a must. Visiting the barber every three to four weeks works best for the classic Ivy League cut. For the Ivy League Fade haircut, you should go in even more often to keep the fade looking sharp. The Princeton style stays on point with cuts every four to six weeks.

To style the Textured Ivy League Cut, use volumizing shampoo to enhance texture. A light conditioner is great for wavy hair. For those with long Ivy League hair, a light hair relaxer can help make your hair smooth and flat.

The beauty of the Ivy League cut lies in its many variations. You can pick a modern, undercut, or textured style. A shorter cut might work for light waves, while longer hair on top suits bouncy curls better. A simple crew cut with a side sweep is practical and stylish.

The Long Ivy League cut is highly versatile. It suits sleek or quiffed styles. Keeping about an inch on top with a medium style is both fashionable and easy. For a unique look, go for a messy style that’s sophisticated and contemporary.

For extra style, comb your hair backward to emphasize the part. Adding a fade makes the traditional cut look fresh and stylish. A hard part brings a bold update to the classic style.

This cut is great for men with receding hairlines as it hides thinning spots well. It also complements round face shapes by adding length and balance.

The Ivy League cut is a winner for its adaptability and style, fitting a wide range of looks. Its classic charm and timeless appeal keep it a favorite among men’s haircuts.

The Curly Undercut

The curly undercut is becoming a hot trend in men’s haircuts. It’s being made popular by the “Spain curl” in Japan. This style mixes clean, precise cuts with the volume of curls. About 68% of men with curly hair like short styles. The curly undercut is great because it’s easy to manage and looks good.

Style Benefits

The curly undercut has many advantages. It has short cuts on the sides and back with long curls on top. This combination is both striking and handy. It offers a lot of ways to style, from neat to more relaxed looks. Also, afro-inspired hairdos are on the rise by 20%, showing us curls are more appreciated now. Many people like using natural products for their hair, with a 25% increase. Products with ingredients like Bentonite Clay and Aloe Vera are very popular for keeping curly hair healthy.

Styling Techniques

Styling a curly undercut is a creative process. Barbers are seeing more customers who want their curls done right. They mostly use scissors for a clear shape and to keep the length right. Choosing the best product is essential for short hair. Things like sea salt spray or curl gels are great. They add texture without making hair heavy. Every curly undercut can be unique, designed to match someone’s face and head shape. This makes the style personal and eye-catching.


What are some popular male short wavy hairstyles for this year?

Guys love short wavy styles like the quiff and textured crop this year. There’s also the undercut, messy waves, and the short curly quiff. These looks work for many shapes of faces and tastes.

What makes the quiff a good choice for wavy hair?

The quiff is great for wavy hair because it mixes old-school styles with something new. It keeps your hair looking natural but fashionable. This look is strong enough for busy days yet stays classy.

How can I style a quiff for wavy hair?

Start with damp hair and add volumizing mousse. Use a round brush as you blow-dry to get that volume. Then, fix everything in place with pomade or wax.

What are the benefits of choosing a textured crop?

The textured crop is easy to keep up and looks sharp for any event. It mixes modern and classic styles in a cool way. It’s perfect for those wanting a fresh look.

How can I achieve the perfect textured crop?

To get the perfect textured crop, ask for longer hair on top and shorter on the sides. A light wax or paste helps add texture. Style with your fingers to bring out the waves.

What makes the undercut a versatile choice for short wavy hair?

The undercut goes with many styles, from neat to chill. It shows off your waves while keeping you looking sharp. This makes it great for wavy hair.

How do I embrace the messy wave look effectively?

A good cut is the first step to messy waves. Use a texturizing spray or sea salt spray. Then, scrunch your hair and let it air dry. Try not to style it too much to keep the look rugged.

What are some tips for maintaining healthy messy waves?

For healthy messy waves, use shampoo and conditioner that keeps your hair hydrated. Don’t use too much heat and add leave-in conditioner. Choose light products that don’t make your hair heavy.

Why does the short curly quiff stand out among men’s hairstyles?

The short curly quiff is unique because it uses your natural curls well. It looks stylish without needing a lot of products. This style mixes classic with a modern twist perfectly.

How do I achieve the perfect short curly quiff?

Start with a good haircut that leaves some length on top. Use a curl cream or mousse on damp hair. Dry with a diffuser to keep the curls pretty. A light hold product sets your style.

What defines the Ivy League cut for wavy hair?

The Ivy League gives a polished, classy look. It’s short on the sides and back, longer on top. This look is often styled with a side part or brushed back.

What are the style benefits of a curly undercut?

The curly undercut adds a sleek look with cool curls. It’s a hip choice that suits different styles and faces. It’s a modern look that stands out.

What are some techniques for styling a curly undercut?

Apply a curl product to wet hair. Use a diffuser to get great curls. Then, apply a cream or pomade on the longer top. Make sure the sides are kept neat for that sharp look.

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